Who are we?

EcoTree is specialized in sustainable development. Our company's mission is to reward ecological awareness in an innovative way by offering cost-effective solutions for investing in tree planting


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Our history

Five childhood friends with a passion for forests

We are five friends who share a longstanding passion for the forest. While all of us dreamt about being rangers as childs, only Vianney made his dream come true. Erwan started working in a bank, Theo and Baudouin became consultants, and Alban got a job in IT. Our lives seemed to be mapped out, but as time passed, our regrets grew bigger. In 2014, we decided to go on a trip to Copenhagen.

We fell in love with the lifestyle, architecture and design of this country of only five million inhabitants. One thing struck us in particular: no bottles, plastic or glass, were lying on the streets. The Danish return system allows you to bring your used bottles to the supermarket, where a recycling machine will take them back in return for a deposit. The idea is simple, but brilliant. Instead of punishing bad behavior, it encourages pro-environmental behavior by rewarding it.

We believe this finding is a great foundation that we can build on. But the biggest challenge is not to have a good idea - but to actually go all the way to implement it. A few years ago, Vianney, a traveler heart, left everything behind to become a forest manager. He then shared his fascination for his new job with us. However he also told us how much he regretted that people did not care more about the humanity's common heritage. More than being vital to numerous living species, the forest also constitutes a stable source of economic growth. As evidence, large fortunes often invest in the forest.

Eureka! There was our concept, and EcoTree was born. We would buy damaged forests and rehabilitate them, or even plant new forests. Then, we would propose to each one of you to become the owners of one or more trees in these forest areas. As the trees grow, they would become more valuable as their volume of wood increases. And when these trees would be old enough to be cut, we would pay out the full logging revenues generated to those who financed the planting.

What's next? That's up to you to decide with us right now

Our values

Our project only makes sense because it is centered around the human being. Be it within our professional teams or when working with our interlocutors, we place human capital at the heart of our values. Every day we contribute to create a healthy ecosystem in which everyone interacts with consciousness and trust.

There are no bad ideas. We all have the right to make mistakes. A situation as trivial as watching an apple fall can awaken the genius within us and lead to incredible discoveries. We are not afraid to try and we strive to exceed our objectives. This way we make EcoTree more resilient, agile and efficient for all actors involved.

We combine originality and high standards. We are constantly working to improve further. We are ready to be challenged and are open to all kinds of advice and criticism. We are developing rigorous methods to best serve our customers and ensure their complete satisfaction.

Our commitment to excellence entails loyalty and integrity. We do not tolerate false claims or compromising the truth in the name of economic performance. We do only do what we are capable of, and wish to serve a noble and ambitious ideal with conscientiousness.

Our team

Above all, a passion for forests and the human kind


Co-founder - Forester

Vianney holds a double Master degree in Political Science and International Relations from ICES. He then decided to return to his first passion and began a BTS in forest management at the CNPR, which he obtained with honors. As an entrepreneur, he created his own forest-works and -management company, of which he has been manager for 7 years. As a founding member of EcoTree, Vianney has always been committed to combining forestry issues with eco-responsible entrepreneurship. He is in charge of forest strategy (forest selection, management plans, relations with the wooded environment), as well as the exploitation (afforestation, maintenance...) of EcoTree forests.


Co-founder - Development

Pierre holds a Franco-German Bachelor's degree in finance and a Master's degree in consulting. After several experiences in finance (M&A and private equity), he joined EcoTree to work with the financial part of the company in the broad sense: from management control, to the development of new offers, including our investor relations. Pierre spent his entire childhood on vacation in the forests of central France marking trees with his grandfather. Engaging with EcoTree in an adventure full of meaning, combining professional skills and long-standing passion was a matter of course for him.


Responsible forest

A graduate in rural law and agricultural economics (IHEDREA), Vianney worked for 4 years as a real estate negotiator. Having grown up in the heart of nature, what could be more natural for this tree and the forest enthusiast than to join the EcoTree adventure? He's responsible for identifying and acquiring land to be afforested, as well as forest areas. His mission is paramount since he ensures on a daily basis that our site offers new species that will delight our customers. His professionalism, rigor and knowledge of the field make him an essential part of our team.


Co-founder - Finance

Erwan is an engineer by training (IPSA), a course he completed with a Master's degree in Business Administration (IAE Paris). After 8 years in the banking sector, leading strategic projects, transforming organizations and conducting mergers and acquisitions, he co-founded the EcoTree startup and brings his rigour and methodology to the management of the company. As the initiator of the project, he drives the main orientations and defines the trajectory to enable EcoTree to propose the best solutions in terms of innovation in sustainable development and financial profitability.



Alix holds a degree in biology from ICES. Passionate about preserving the environment since she was a child, her first commitment was to volunteer with an association fighting against ocean pollution and the destruction of aquatic fauna and flora. Wishing to commit herself full-time to a meaningful project, Alix has joined the EcoTree team and is taking up a new challenge: to participate in the protection and enhancement of the French forest. Rigorous, creative and energetic, Alix ensures the proper administrative management of EcoTree.


Co-founder - External Relations

Théo holds a postgraduate degree in comparative European public law from Sorbonne University and an MBA in international project management from the Institute of Business Administration in Paris (IAE). After a few years spent in a public affairs and lobbying firm, he founded a communication- and influence-based firm. The same year, he joined the adventure as a co-founder. He is committed to communicating about the project as a whole but also about the initiatives of companies that have adopted the EcoTree solution.


Co-founder - Commercial

Baudouin holds a Business School Diploma from SKEMA BUSINESS SCHOOL and a certification in corporate finance from HEC. He worked for 8 years in consulting, helping his clients transform their organizations, build master plans and implement their governance in order to improve their operational efficiency. Fascinated for a long time by the entrepreneurial challenge, he launched himself into EcoTree's initiatives as a co-founding member. As a talented coordinator, he is in charge of sales strategy and support functions.


Commercial Development

Géraldine grew up in an apple growing family in the Oise region. Since she was a child, nature has been at the heart of her daily life and a big part of her values. After a Master's degree in Marketing-Sales, she worked in large organizations for more than 7 years. To our great pleasure, she decided to join the EcoTree adventure as Business Development Manager. Today more than ever, she wants to reconnect with her roots and raise companies' awareness of sustainable development.



After studying general engineering at ISEP, Pierre-Alexandre specialized in IT development, more particularly in the world of mobile applications. Originally from Cantal, and proud to have been born there, Pierre-Alexandre is also an experienced rugby player. At EcoTree, he is committed to ensuring both the security of information systems and the development of new functionalities. When he's not in the office for undue hours, or in the field with his cleats, Pierre-Alexandre volunteers his expertise to associations that are involved in the fight against poverty and environmental quality.



After a few years in sales, Kévin decided to train as a self-taught developer before taking a degree course in Web and Mobile Web Development, Level III. Kévin is in charge of the architecture of the information systems, the referencing and the implementation of the team's work tools. Curious about nature, he follows the latest technical news and continuously educates himself in new technologies. When he isn't in front of his computer, Kévin enjoys sports and spends time with his many animals. Don't be surprised if you meet him on horseback, or at the bend of a small Burgundian road, because Kevin is also an experienced rider.



A true entrepreneur, Thomas worked as a consultant for successful startups before deciding to go it alone to develop many projects. Haute couture, cognac, photography, video - Thomas is a talented "jack-of-all-trades", with great artistic sensitivity and overflowing creativity. He has always placed the environment, local know-how and quality of service at the heart of his companies. A marketing expert and web enthusiast, Thomas joined the EcoTree team to establish an effective cross-channel marketing strategy.


Web marketing

Paul holds a Master's degree in Business Law (Lyon 3) and a Master's degree in Digital Marketing (Audencia). He joined EcoTree a year ago and is in charge of web marketing. He ensures EcoTree's visibility on the net, ensures the quality of the online user experience and manages digital sales media. Having grown up in the immense forests of the Var, Paul is a nature lover who wants to take concrete action to protect nature. EcoTree is, for him, the way to reconcile his passion for web-marketing and his willingness to work with a structure that's on a human scale and full of meaning.

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