and valuing the French forest together.

The Sylv'impact subscription program by EcoTree

Sylv'impact, the long-lasting subscription!

Loyalty bears fruit

The tree subscription allows you to make the acquisition of selected trees by EcoTree each month

You choose the amount of your monthly withdrawal. Transactions are automated and secure

Every month, your tree portfolio will be enriched by new species of trees selected by EcoTree.

You're doing good things for the planet and building a green legacy while working for the future and reforestation of French forests

The green subscription for everyone!

A solution that fits your needs

Choose the monthly amount to get to know the number of trees acquired and the expected gains.

Monthly amount invested :57 €
Number of trees :57
Average expected gain:139 €

(No comittment, can be cancelled at any time)


Want to offer a Sylv'Impact subscription? Nothing is simpler!

You can choose to offer a subscription after the subscription confirmation.
You can also edit a gift card.

The advantages of Sylv'impact:


An exclusivity on rare species and shorter cutting horizons


Every year, your trees will grow to a natural growth rate of 2%


Your loyalty will be rewarded each year with a thirteenth month of trees offered

At the end of the year, we offer you trees
(i.e. 10 trees in a subscription = 10 trees offered/year).
For more information, see Article 8 of the Terms and Conditions

A secure and traceable solution


Validate your secure subscription with our partner SlimPay SEPA


Check your personal space and see the location, valuation and CO2 absorbed your trees


Receive regular news from your trees with our newsletters that are carefully written by our teams


It's about taking responsibility everyday
& thinking about future generations

I want to become a member

They chose Sylv'Impact

  • Paola,
    Saint Gilles (85)

    " Every month, my tree portfolio is enriched with new species. It's fun, educational and successful "

  • Jérémie & Sonia,
    Paris (75)

    Sylv'Impact allows us to invest for our children while sensitizing them to the fate of the forest "

  • Isabelle,
    Lyon (69)

    " A small monthly payment that reminds me of what we have to contribute to the safeguarding of our environment "


    « Do you want to save the planet and make money? That's EcoTree's deal »

    « Grow your savings while helping out the planet »

    « Just like a lord owns his castle, become a tree-owner with EcoTree »

    « To turn trees intosavings - that's what EcoTree will make possible »

    « How can you invest and do the environment a favor at the same time ? »

    « The start-up allows you to own a tree to offset your CO2 emissions »

    EcoTree's Services & Guarantees

    Secure Payments

    Secure Payments
    SlimPay - SEPA - Payline

    Customer service

    Customer service
    Satisfied or refunded

    EcoTree & the AMF

    EcoTree & the AMF
    EcoTree is registered with the AMF under number D-18-01 as an intermediary for miscellaneous goods

    A 100% French Company

    A 100% French Company
    Support a young Start-Up and contribute to job creation


    Got a question ? In need of advice ?

    Would you like to know more about the Sylv'Impact subscription? Don't hesitate to contact us. At EcoTree, the co-founders will contact you directly.