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Âge : 25 à 30 ans

Luthenay Forest

Cutting horizon: in 31 ans

VAT inc.

Gross expected gain

This estimate is based on the tree's natural growth rate (2% per year) and takes into account the number of years before cutting. By investing today €27, in 30 to 35 years (when the tree is cut down), the final cut income you will receive is estimated at €50 (not guaranteed).

407Arbre2720% 25 to 30 years old Luthenay Forest 58

Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) is a North American species of the pinaceous family that was introduced into Breton parks in the mid-19th century. Its area of origin extends along the Pacific coast from Canada to California. This species is one of the most widely used in reforestation in France. In Brittany, Douglas fir areas represent about 12,000 ha, or 4% of the wooded area. The Douglas is a fast-growing tree, which is why it is used extensively in reforestation. It also has good technical qualities (wood processing for carpentry, exterior construction because it is rot-proof to the core).

- Growth: strong
- Height: 40 to 60 meters
- Foliage: persistent with dark cover
- Trunk: straight with smooth bark dotted with numerous fragrant pustules
- Bark: cracked and corky with age
- Color: reddish brown

Luthenay Forest (58 - Nièvre)

The Chamonts woods cover an area of 110 ha in the department of Nièvre (Burgundy) on the banks of the Loire near the town of Luthenay Uxeloup.

In the heart of the Sologne Bourbonaise, this massif spreads out to include many species. It consists of plots of red oaks, oaks, poplars, Douglas fir, Taeda pines, Laricio pines, etc. This forest is a major challenge for EcoTree, which therefore pursues its vocation of reforesting and ensuring sustainable management of its massifs. Wild boars, roe deer and foxes, but also pheasants, pigeons, thrushes, blackbirds and many other species live peacefully there, thanks in particular to the biodiversity actions put in place to ensure their sustainability.

Temporarily closed to the public

EcoTree would like to inform its customers that EcoTree remains the owner of the land. By buying trees, customers contribute to the financing of land acquisitions by the Forest Group.

Luthenay Forest
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