Findings and challenges

The French forests need us

  • Every year, between 13 and 15 million hectares of forest disappear, (Belgium's surface area). Deforestation is responsible for 17% of global greenhouse gas emissions (Source: IPCC).

  • Every year, 80 million tonnes of CO2 are absorbed by the French forest. Cutting keeps trees in a growth period that optimizes carbon sequestration.

  • The French wood industry is currently experiencing a deficit even though the forest area in France is the 3rd largest in the European Union and demand for wood is constantly increasing.

  • Within the next ten years, France will have to renew 500,000 hectares of forest, which is only 3 % of the current total area, to catch up for past inefficiencies.

Sustainable forest management

EcoTree and its forestry group favor a silvicultural approach known as 'close to nature'.

Sustainable forest management

Our commitments:

  • Contribute to the conservation and protection of the existing French forest heritage.
  • Take part in the reforestation of cleared areas in France on land acquired by the company itself.
  • Manage and maintain all of our forests with our partner that is specialized in forest management.
  • Stimulate and develop initiatives at the service of the French forests and wood industry.

Our philosophy:

  • Favor silvicultural methods that allow for the reconciliation of wood production, the preservation of ecosystems and biodiversity in general.
  • Promote the diversity of species, the production of high quality wood and the preservation of soils.
  • Favoring, as far as possible, the treatment of forests with irregular silviculture by promoting the regeneration of trees and only when necessary, their replanting.

Our policy

Not replacing nature, but accompanying it

Not replacing nature, but accompanying it

The forest is a living environment whose integrity, stability and prosperity depend heavily on the diversity of species. In this complex environment, animals, plants and bacteria interact and contribute to maintain a balance. EcoTree has understood the secret of a healthy forest: the more complex it is - in terms of mixtures and structures - the more resistant, multifunctional and productive it is on the long term. This is why we have adopted a silviculture that is 'close to nature', which aims to interfere as little as possible in the natural course of the forest and promotes its resilience.

In fact, anything that modifies the natural functioning of the forest could negatively impact biodiversity and the ecosystem's balance. This includes the reduction of guilds, the excessive rejuvenation of a massif, a significant intervention in the afforestation structure, a notable reduction of dead wood (amongst others). This is also why EcoTree is committed to not using any chemicals in its silviculture. We only use natural fertilizers for our plantings. In the fight against harmful insects, we use mechanical methods such as species mixing, netting and bird niches, or further biological methods such as the use of predator insects to eliminate herbivorous insects (such as Carabid Beetles, Cleridae, Rhizophagids, Coccinellids, Asilid Diptera, Syrphidae, Hymenoptera or Formicidae). Against deers, we use the natural repellent Trico (sheep fat). During clearance, cleaning is effectuated manually or mechanically.

Finally, if anthropogenic disturbances were to occur, EcoTree would develop an approach based on observations and forest resilience. Ultimately, our management aims to innovate harmony with the laws of nature, and thus make the most out of the natural production of forest goods and services.

EcoTree's ethics committee

Because we are not infallible,
Because the experience of our elders should inspire us,
Because integrity is our guideline,

EcoTree's ethics committee

We have set up an independent ethics committee, composed of civil society figures known
for their competence and integrity. This committee ensures that EcoTree's founding values are respected and that any conflicts of interest are avoided.

Are you a woodlot owner?

What EcoTree offers you:
  • To acquire your good to develop EcoTree's forest assets
  • To provide the funding necessary to ensure a sound forest management of your forest area
  • To participate in the reforestation of cleared areas in France and the constant improvement of forest management pratiques
Contact us at the address

The EcoTree forests

At the core of the woods and our forest management

Forêt de Ploerdut
Forêt de Ploerdut

56 Morbihan

Située dans le Morbihan en Bretagne, la forêt de Ploërdut s’étend sur 11,6 ha constituée de deux parties distinctes, l'u...

Forêt de Palotas
Forêt de Palotas

23 Creuse

La forêt de Palotas prend racine dans la Creuse entre les communes de saint Dizier Leyrenne et Chatelus le Marcheix, pay...

Forêt de Lanrivain et Plougernevel
Forêt de Lanrivain et Plougernevel

22 Côtes-d'Armor

La forêt de Lanrivain est située dans le territoire breton traditionnel du pays Fañch, là où danses, costumes, musiques...

Forêt de Gioux
Forest of Gioux

23 Creuse

A proximité de Gioux, petit village du centre de la France situé dans le département de la Creuse en région Limousin se...

Forêt de Pleyben
Forest of Pleyben

29 Finistère (Brittany)

Au centre du Finistère, entre les Monts d’Arrée et les Montagnes Noires, Pleyben abrite une des plus beaux enclos parois...

Forêt de Pézarches
Forest of Pézarches

77 Seine-et-Marne

La forêt de Pézarches est située dans la commune éponyme, dans le département de Seine-et-Marne, à une soixantaine de ki...

Forêt de Ruillé
Forest of Ruillé

72 Sarthe

La forêt de Ruillé est située dans le département de la Sarthe en région Pays de la Loire, entourée par les régions de B...

Forêt de Melrand
Forest of Melrand

56 Morbihan

La forêt de Melrand est située dans la petite commune éponyme dont l'histoire s'est construite au Vème siècle par l'arri...

Forêt de la Faigne
Forest of La Faigne

72 Sarthe

La forêt de la Faigne est située à proximité de la commune de Pontvallain, commune de la Sarthe connue pour ses vestiges...

Forêt de Kerautret
Forest of Kerautret

56 Morbihan

La forêt de Kerautret est située au lieu-dit Le Golo, à quelques encablures de Plouray et des bassins versants de l'Ellé...

Forêt du Morvan
Forest of Morvan

56 Morbihan

La forêt du Morvan est située au Faouët, charmant territoire délimité par le cours du ruisseau du Moulin du Duc et par l...

Forêt de Mariaker
Forest of Mariaker

56 Morbihan

La forêt de Mariaker se situe dans le Morbihan, sur des terres où se dessine entre rivières bleutées et rivages dorés un...

Forêt de Mevenez
Forest of Mevenez

56 Morbihan

La forêt de Mevenez, petit havre de paix perdu au milieu du Morbihan, déploie une flore et une faune aux richesses insou...

Forêt de Bourrus
Forest of Bourrus

56 Morbihan

La forêt de Bourrus est située dans le Morbihan et plus exactement dans une petite commune de Langoëlan dont le nom chan...

Forêt de Brokus
Forest of Brokus

56 Morbihan

La forêt de Brokus est située dans le Morbihan, terre de légendes, d'abondance et de ressourcement.

Forêt de Coadou
Forest of Coadou

22 Côtes-d'Armor

La forêt de Coadou est située à proximité de Loguivy-Plougras, commune du Trégor située aux confins des Côtes-d’Armor et...

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