Adopt a #RSE strategy

Sustainable, profitable & tangible

Contribute Valuable Actions to the Environment

EcoTree reconciles sustainable development and profitability by offering companies
the possibility to take action for the environment in a concrete, tangible and traceable way

CSR commitment

Put an end to Greenwashing. Adopt a concrete solution by participating in the planting, maintenance and restoration of French forest areas

Business profitability

Transform an expense into an investment. Establish a green portfolio for yourself with high economic value and receive 100% of the revenues generated by the final cut of your trees (corresponding to an expected return of2% per year)

A committed communication strategy

Communicate your virtuous actions more efficiently thanks to our communication support and turn your CSR strategy into a real marketing asset

A CSR Solution for Every Business

Choose the CSR solution that meets your requirements and ambitions for the environment

Start-up / Craftsman / Self-employed

You represent renewal, flexibility, creativity and dynamism. You embody action.Don't wait ! Make CSR part of your company's identity from the very beginning


In France, 9 out of 10 companies are SMEs. To meet the challenges of the future, adopt a CSR strategy, which will increase your visibility and competitiveness.

Major accounts

CSR is no longer an option. EcoTree is the first French partner to support you from A to Z in the implementation of a concrete, visible, tangible and sustainable CSR strategy

Our CSR Offers

Chose the solution that best reflects your company's identity

Green investment

  • With your company, get involved in French forests by purchasing trees and receive 100% of the revenues generated by the final cut
  • Walk around within EcoTree's forests and choose the species you would like to acquire
  • Monitor your ecological impact on your personal space with the valuation and geolocation of your trees

Professional Sylv'Impact subscription

  • Make a lasting commitment to French forests. Benefit from many advantages and receive 100% of the revenues generated from the final cut
  • Choosethe value of your monthly payment and let us take care of your green legacy that reflects high ecological and economic value
  • Monitor your ecological impact on your personal space with the valuation and geolocation of your trees

Sponsorship & biodiversity

  • Become an agent of change by supporting planting, silviculture and forest restoration projects.
  • Choose your preferred biodiversity project and finance it according to your budget and ecological ambitions
  • Actively participate in the preservation of biodiversity, contribute to the protection of life and follow the projects' progress
Customize my offer

Communication at the Service of your Commitment

We promote your commitment by reaching as many people as possible

Social Media

We inform our customers and partners about our cooperation with partners on social media

Specialized Showcase Platform

We develop a platform devoted to the actions of your company

Promotion Video

We will produce a video that illustrates your commitment

Team building

We organize a team building day in the forest with everything included from activities, transport to lunch and more...


We officially announce our partnership to the entire EcoTree community

Blog Articles

We write an article about your commitment with EcoTree (including on-site publication and sharing on social media)

Press release

We officially announce our partnership to our partner media

Partner Logos

Be proud to show your commitment with our 'Partner for the Environment' logo

Receive a leaflet

They've Trusted Us and Share their Experience

Major groups, SMEs, start-ups - They all have chosen EcoTree for the development of their CSR strategy

Alice Maréchal
Alice Maréchal

Lemon Tri

'We have chosen EcoTree to offset the carbon emissions resulting from our activities! It was only natural for us to take our approach to the environment further.'

Thibault de Saint Simon
Thibault de Saint Simon


'At Aviva we see EcoTree (winner of the "Fabrique Aviva" contest) as a simple CSR tool that allows companies to step-up their environmental efforts while adding an economic dimension to them. Green growth is possible!'

Michel Salaün
Michel Salaün

Salaün Holidays

'We are committed to offering exceptional trips to our customers all over the world. But we do not forget where we come from and how important it is to constantly contribute to the improvement of our territory. We are proud to be involved in the forests of Brittany. '

Clara Gaymard
Clara Gaymard


'A simple, innovative and accessible solution for all actors involved in sustainable development. We cannot do without this issue, which is not only critical, but also a promising asset for the company.'

Men and women at the service of nature and companies

Much more than a mere customer: a partner at the service of nature

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« Do you want to save the planet and make money? That's EcoTree's deal »

« Grow your savings while helping out the planet »

« Just like a lord owns his castle, become a tree-owner with EcoTree »

« To turn trees intosavings - that's what EcoTree will make possible »

« How can you invest and do the environment a favor at the same time ? »

« The start-up allows you to own a tree to offset your CO2 emissions »

EcoTree's Services & Guarantees

Secure Payments

Secure Payments
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Customer service

Customer service
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EcoTree & the AMF

EcoTree & the AMF
EcoTree is registered with the AMF under number D-18-01 as an intermediary for miscellaneous goods

A 100% French Company

A 100% French Company
Support a young Start-Up and contribute to job creation