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Buy trees and become a tree owner with EcoTree


EcoTree plants and maintains your forests


Your trees absorb CO2 and contribute to forests' biodiversity


You can see the location and the valuation of your trees along with the amount of CO2 absorbed


Receive 100% of the revenue generated from the final cut, with an expected appreciation of 2% annually


Contribute to the regeneration of the forest: for each tree that is cut down, EcoTree plants three new trees

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"Do you want to save the planet and make money? That's EcoTree's deal"

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Grow your savings while helping out the planet"


"Just like a lord owns his land, you can become a tree-owner with EcoTree "

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"To turn trees into savings - that's exactly what you can do with EcoTree"

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"How can you invest and do the environment a favor at the same time?"


"The start-up allows you to own a tree and offset your CO2 emissions"

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This is EcoTree:

Trees planted

323,485Trees planted

Kg of CO2 absorbed

3,931,732Kg of CO2 absorbed

Flights from Paris to New York

7,863Flights from Paris to New York

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A meaningful environmental gesture

  • Trees contribute to the biodiversity in forests by providing shelter, food and protection for numerous species of birds, insects, small mammals, fungi, etc.
  • They work as hideaways for animals and crop auxiliaries
  • The extinction of a single plant species can lead to the extinction of up to 30 animal species. The biological and ecological diversity in forests is a source of life.
  • Trees structure landscapes and prevent erosion. They stabilize and regularize soil hydrology as well as groundwater levels
  • Trees contribute to improving agricultural production and work as a means of economic diversification for farmers. Their economic and social functions have proved to better the well-being of neighboring populations
  • Trees produce the oxygen we need and improve air quality by filtering it
  • Trees absorb CO2 and are essential in the fight against global warming
  • Trees temper climate fluctuations through the process of evapotranspiration and thus limitate extreme weather phenomena, such as droughts and floods

An eco-friendly and sustainable investment

  • By buying trees, you become the owner of a forest asset
  • As they grow, trees are goods that increase in value, regardless of the current market price or the demand for wood
  • The expected return is about 2% per year (not guaranteed)
  • A solution that allows you to diversify and transfer your assets without notary fees, management fees or property taxes
  • Purchasing a forest good provides you with a valuable asset that produces wood, a material that is ecological, renewable and whose demand is rising constantly
  • Sales prices of standing timber in private forests have been rising since 2004
  • By purchasing a tree from EcoTree, the customer exposes him or herself to the following risks: a total capital loss, EcoTree's bankruptcy, inflation, lack of liquidity, risks related to falling wood prices, tax risks, the risk of trees (not covered by insurance) are hit by extreme weather phenomena, forest fire, or other natural hazards.
  • See article 18 of the General Terms and Conditions on risks

Our selection of trees

Poplar - Luthenay Forest (58)322Arbre5320%peuplier_trichobel.jpgPoplarAge: 4 to 6 years old Luthenay Forest 58

Age: 4 to 6 years old

Luthenay Forest

Time before cutting: 16 years

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A 100% European Company
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