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How does it work?


Buy trees and become a tree owner with EcoTree


EcoTree plants and maintains your forests


Your trees absorb CO2 and contribute to forests' biodiversity


You can see the location and the valuation of your trees along with the amount of CO2 absorbed


Receive 100% of the revenue generated from the final cut, with an expected appreciation of 2% annually


Contribute to the regeneration of the forest: for each tree that is cut down, EcoTree plants three new trees

In the Press


"Do you want to save the planet and make money? That's EcoTree's deal"

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Grow your savings while helping out the planet"


"Just like a lord owns his land, you can become a tree-owner with EcoTree "

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"To turn trees into savings - that's exactly what you can do with EcoTree"

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"How can you invest and do the environment a favor at the same time?"


"The start-up allows you to own a tree and offset your CO2 emissions"

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This is EcoTree:

Trees planted

381,970Trees planted

Kg of CO2 absorbed

4,205,770Kg of CO2 absorbed

Flights from Paris to New York

8,411Flights from Paris to New York

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Customer service
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EcoTree & the AMF

EcoTree & the AMF
EcoTree is registered at the French Financial Authority (AMF: "Autorité des Marchés Financiers") under number D-18-01

A 100% European Company

A 100% European Company
Support a young Start-Up and contribute to job creation